Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

I'm glad ya'll had fun in Kanab.. Without me. Gosh dang it. That was the hardest part about thanksgiving... What we did for thanksgiving is worked. We had dinner with a member family at six, and while we were in weekly planning, we got a call from an investigator around 2, weekly planning is supposed to last from noonish to about 3 or 4, but this investigator called us.. "Where ya'll at? We're waiting to start." We just met these people the night before. But they wanted us to come over for dinner, so we did, and then we went to the members house. I ate a ton... Not used to eating so much, so unfortunately, i lost a lot of it. I'm on a missionary diet, so I'm not used to lots of actual food. Haha. But it was good. The hard part was that I couldn't be with my family. And we had to work on that day. Nobody wanted to let us in to teach them, because they wanted to spend time eating and watching football. I'm in Texas, the football capital of the world! Nobody wanted to let us in. So we got 2 whole lessons that day. We needed four to keep up for the week. But it was ok. We made up our missing ones last night. But I didn't particularly enjoy my thanksgiving. I missed my family a lot.
 Well, the biggest thing that's happened this week is we found out that Maria, our recent convert from Galveston, was baptized 6 years ago. There's a family in the branch that was baptized with her. And they recognized her. So when we confirmed her, they asked the sisters about her, and now Salt Lake is looking for her records. She said she was baptized, but she couldn't remember which church it was in. I found all this out from Elder Jensen last night. I saw him at a fireside that we went to.

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