Monday, November 15, 2010

I'm being transferred. Dang it. I wanted to spend Christmas on the island, but we got calls yesterday morning. Actually, we found out i'm being transferred sunday night. President called and asked Elder Jensen if he'd train, so that said i'm being transferred.

Bob's going to live. He had a reaction to his chemo and it raised his blood pressure to 210/100 and i'm pretty sure that's bad. He couldn't breath so he called 911. But he's out now. and Good. I'm going to get a picture with him today. 
But, we gave a blessing to a baby on sunday night, and i'm not sure what was wrong with him other than the fact that he had a feeding tube in his stomach. It was loose that's why the parents took him to the hospital. But he was sitting up and laughing and smiling, nothing seemed wrong with him... But we found out the next morning, so yesterday, that the baby died. And the family is an investigator family.. So bad deal. But the dads not mad or frustrated with the church I don't think. So that's good. 

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