Thursday, July 1, 2010

The first week

So far we have gotten two letters and one email from Zack. The first letter was waiting in the mailbox for us when we got home on Sunday night from Utah County after dropping him off. It was so nice to come home to. The second came a couple days later and was addressed just to Chris. Then today (Thursday) I got the first Email from him. I guess that means P-day must be on Thursday's although he didn't specify. Zack has earned the nick name "Elder from Snowy River" because he loves being a cowboy. He even tried to sneak his hat into his luggage, but there was no way it was going to fit even if I hadn't vetoed that idea.
He is doing well, and studying hard. He said those 4 years of spanish in school is starting to come back to him now and he has promised to teach Chris spanish when he returns home. His Companion is from SLC and stands 6'11" towering over Zack. He is a year older and was most recently playing Basketball for Stanford University before deciding to go on a mission.
Zack says that his head is not reeling as much this week as it was last. He also admits to being a little homesick but all the letters from friends and family have helped tons. He knows he is doing the right thing by serving a mission and is enjoying his new world.

Keep up the letters everyone and keep him in your prayers!