Tuesday, November 9, 2010

So, Maria was confirmed yesterday!!! I was so happy. We had to get a member to take us up to her house to get her, but that's ok. She was finally confirmed!!!
We were taken off the island for the weekend. We were sent north to Kemah. Elder Jensen told me why we went to Kemah too. Elder Durrant, the district leader there needed help. Because his district never hits the mission goal for each companionship of 20 lessons a week and 70 people contacted a week per missionary. So he sent Galveston there, and we get stuff done. We killed their area and just pumped out the lessons. That's what we do. We are the best district in the zone and the best zone in the mission. So that means we're the best district in the mission. I love being the best. Haha.
We have a rat roaming around the apartment complex. Elder Jensen saw him the other night. and we tried to find it and kill it yesterday. But he was gone. So we found his hole in the wall. I'll bet he's got holes all throughout the complex. So we bought traps and glue paper. See if he'll get caught. If he comes back. So yeah. Lots of fun for us. That was my most restless night. Our apartment's pretty small, so I was afraid of having a ranch experience and waking up to a rat on my chest. But it didn't happen thank goodness.

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