Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ya know, I've never really thought that my making the best of whatever situation i'm in was something that prominent about me, but I guess I was wrong. Every companion I've had has said something about it. So I guess that's a good thing.
Alright. So anything new happening here in small old Port Lavaca... Not a whole lot. It just got cold, real cold on saturday and not it's just getting colder. There's a freezed warning from President Saylin today, saying to work with members as much as possible, like go teach them so we're out of the cold, but the problem is, we don't have many members in our area. But no worries. I have a good warm coat that my trainer left me before he left. It's got two parts to it. Like a liner and then an outer shell. It's warm so don't worry about me. It's really only 41 degrees right now, but the wind chill sucks. It's so cold with the wind. But that's ok. I'm too darn hot to freeze. Haha
I got mad at a 15 year old less active the other night. We went by to see him and his family the other night, he lives with his dad and his 13 year old sister, they're all less active. The dad works crazy hours so he was asleep when we went by, and the the first thing Kenneth said was "My dad's trying to f'ing sleep." He started to say something else, but I don't remember because I was ticked. I got after him. I called him out on so many things that night. His sister was talking about how he'd hit her early that day and so we talked about that, talked about not swearing, and treating his sister good. He kept trying to interrupt but I wouldn't let him. Then he's like dude you don't understand me. I said whatever. I know you're ADHD. I know how your mind works. I know how you think. I know exactly what it's like. Don't give me that because I have the same thing. That shut him up. After wards, Elder Olguin was like "That was cool. He needed that. You like busted through every wall he had set up to me. I could never get through to him. And you just busted through." He said that Kenneth's dad isn't the greatest Dad. He never gives any discipline and Kenneth's looking for discipline in his life, just can't find it. So I gave it to him. And he seemed to like it. He was quieter the next time we saw him, and he stopped himself from swearing.

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