Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ok. First things first, I did get transferred. I'm now in a little place called Port Lavaca. It's a little fishing town in the southern most part of our mission. We're about a 45 minute drive from Mexico. It's a bi-lingual area, and mostly english, again. Dang it. But that's ok. I fit in here. Lots of people running around in redneck trucks and boots. Haha. I really like it here. I just wish there was more spanish going on.
The branch here is tiny. There's only about 50 active members that go to church every sunday, and there's a ton of less active. The building is incredibly small as well. It's about 1/3 the size of a usual church building. There's only a half court gym as well and no pews in the chapel. The curtain to close the chapel from the gym closes it off to about 12 feet of the chapel. It's tiny. There's room to add more onto it, and plans to add on as well, but there's not enough active members to do so.
 Well, my new address is
Elder Zack Sawyer (naturally)
1200 Alcoa Dr. Apt. #40
Port Lavaca, TX  77979
 So aside from my new small area, and my area is port lavaca central, the actual port lavaca area is a car area, and it's about 250 by 120 miles. And I did the math and it's about 30000 square miles. It's ridiculously large. My companion is awesome. I didn't think I'd get along with him very well, but I'm getting along with him great. His name is Elder Olguin (like Ol'-Geen) He's not even a citizen in the U.S. He's only a resident. He's originally from Chile. He was born there and moved to Payson when he was about 8. He speaks native spanish, of course. So even though there aren't a lot of spanish speakers here, I can speak spanish with him. Which is great. He's awesome.

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