Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Dear family and friends of the Texas Houston South Mission,

President Saylin and I want to thank each and every one of you for your generosity and kindness to the Texas Houston South Mission during our Christmas in the mission field.  We had an overwhelming amount of support for our zone conference game (which was soooo much fun, by the way!)  and each and every missionary received a care package!  The garage of the mission home was filled to over flowing with hundreds and hundreds of packages!  Our six children called it our "Savior's Workshop."  That's much better than our "Santa's Workshop!"   It is difficult to describe the feelings of gratitude we have for you.  As package after package arrived, tears filled my eyes to feel of your love for these wonderful missionaries who sacrifice much, yet who are so blessed. 
I hope that as you had an opportunity to talk with them on Christmas Day, you were able to sense the depth of their souls as they serve the Lord.  I am always humbled by their rapid growth and by their testimonies of this sacred work.  
I hope and pray that you know of our love for your missionary and for you.  May the Lord's sweetest blessings be yours because of your service to all of us this year.
Happy New Year!
Much love,
President and Sister Saylin and family

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