Monday, December 6, 2010

Wow it's been a long week. And so much has happened since emailing last week. On thursday we got a call saying one of the other elders in our district needed to go to the mission office and his companion was going to be with elder jones and I for the day. The assistants said "No ones in trouble, Elder Andreasen just needs to be here." So he went with another couple of missionaries. Pretty soon, elder andreasen and elder Hughes, one of the two he went up with, come back to pack up all of elder andreasens stuff. Elder Bayles, Elder Hughes comp, was sent to houston and elder andreasen was sent to Manvel with Elder Hughes. So now, I'm in a threesome. It's ok... Frustrating. Very frustrating, but like dad told me. Don't quit. Sawyer's don't quit. I'm in it to the end. Besides, I know if I stick with it, it'll get easier. I'm not backing out.
 Just like dad, I just want to go steal the babies in sacrament meeting, but there's a dang stupid rule. We're not supposed to hold babies or even let little kids sit on our laps, because some stupid people somewhere else sued for child abuse because they didn't like the missionaries. So i can't even hold little babies.
We have a baptism planned for the 18th of december. It's for a guy named Sergio. It's going to be awesome. the mission is having what they're calling  the weekend in white. Almost every companionship is scheduled to have a baptism. It's going to be awesome.

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