Monday, December 13, 2010

The mission conference is next wednesday or tuesday or something like that. I dunno. But I'm excited to see christmas in Texas. So far it's been pretty fun. It's been like 60-70 degrees here lately. Haha today it's like 58. It's nice. How's the weather there? But yeah. It would be easier to send that other package to my apartment. But don't worry. I know i'll have a good christmas. The ward here takes care of the missionaries during Christmas.
 Well, not a whole lot is new here. I've decided that black people are hard to teach, because the three black people we've taught know the bible very very VERY well. And tried, yeah tried but unsuccessful, to destroy our beliefs with logic. 
We have a baptism this saturday for a guy named Sergio. He's excited. He even asked a member to do it. So that'll be good.

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