Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hey Mom,

Ok. Last week was pretty good. We didn't have any baptisms on saturday unfortunately, but we've got some planned for next week, if the lady will pray about getting baptized. She's crazy, but she'll be good.
Um, no hurricanes yet. But the weathers been pretty crappy lately. I love the rain, but it's not consistent. It's mostly just windy and cloudy. Like blow you're bike off the road windy. Speaking of my bike, i'm getting my rear rim straightened today. I kinda hit a curb and blew my tire and when i got it fixed, i realized the rim was slightly bent as well. Not bad, but enough to make the tire wobble. I can ride it, but i want it fixed just in case.
Haha yeah, everythings fine and dandy here, except our apartment. It's not fit to live in I swear. It's so old, we still have gas heaters in there. And the carpet is so old along with everything else. We're also infested with roaches. It's so gross. It's a good thing we're only in there at night. It's nasty. We've been trying to kill them all, but there's a hundred to replace every one we've killed. It's not too bad though. Just nasty.
Hey hey, i almost forgot. I gave my first blessing in spanish today. Well, i annointed the oil in spanish. And then Elder Cui (it's pronounced like Tsui), who's from mainland China, like the hundredth missionary from china, his dad was baptized in Japan, did the sealing in English. It was cool.
Um... What else? Haha shoot, i dunno what else to say since i've said pretty much everything in my letters. Well, mi espanol esta llegando mejor. Puedo decir muchas cosas ahora y tambien entiendo mucho. My spanish is becoming better. I can say many things and i understand much. (In case you couldn't read that.)
Ok. I've gotta go. I love you all and i'll get pictures soon!! Take care!!
Elder Zack Sawyer
"You may all go to Hell, and I'll go to Texas"-Davy Crocket. (I saw it on a shirt another missionary was wearing last P day. His name is Elder Hart, and i actually graduated with him.)

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